Pastorno Hospital of Mashhad

Considering the increasing expansion of Mashhad city and medical needs in 1973, by the efforts of the great surgeon, Dr.Abdolhossein Tavakoli Zadeh, we decided to build a private hospital in Mashhad.

In 2004, with the decision of the board of directors and the consent of the shareholders to improve the health and well-being of the referrals and set up the medical and specialized departments, to obtain the necessary permits for the construction of 2400 square meters in 6 floors, and with the development of the hospital, the number of rooms Private was added and new operating chambers were equipped with advanced equipment.

Currently, the third phase of the hospital is to set up the specialist departments to meet the necessary space requirements according to the standards being underway and construction.

Chairman of Hospital
Dr Ali Anjomshoa
(Anesthesiologist) Born in 1336 Revolutionary activists in the year 57 along with the Cultural Revolution Among jihad activists in deprived areas Participating in various operations in Khyber Agency, Valfajr, Badr, Karbala and Mersad in medical uniforms Head of the 528th Somaar Hospital in 1360 Serving the Nursing Staff of 1985, 77 years Medical services in Najaf, Ashraf and Syria. The shrine of Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Zeinab Salam Lahla Managing Director of Pasteur New Hospital
Hospital Chief
Dr Behrouz Eftekharzadeh

Head of the hospital

Public Doctorate

Excellent management and management of health centers

10 years of hospital management history

Senior Hospital Administrators
Hospital officials