General three bedded (1 night)
0 Rials
General two bedded (1 night)
0 Rials
Private (1 night)
0 Rials
All amounts in Iranian Rials. Remarks: It should be noted that the above rates are based on one night hospitalization. In case of any extra bed for each night, room charges will be applied
3 bedded General room
6,415,500 Rials
2 bedded General room
8,982,500 Rials
Private Room
11,548,500 Rials
16,158,000 Rials
International Patient Department
Goals and Activities carried out in this unit

Absorb the International patient (Health Tourism)

Providing health care to International patients has been in New Pasteur Hospital since the past few years And now, according to the Ministry of Health's Approval regarding the organization of international patients Individually And the allocation of special services To these patients, so we have taken the following actions:

1- A separate unit in the organization chart that is under the supervision of the hospital's management

2- Formation of the IPD unit team

3- Appropriate physical space in the hospital's IPD room to accommodate these patients

4- One person is responsible for international patients and one person is responsible for accepting the discharge of these patients

5- Register the latest information on the portal of the Treatment Dept

6- Multilingual pamphlets prepared

7- Organize the IPD committee regularly and keep track of international patient issues as soon as possible

Services and Prices List
Ovarian Cysts (laparoscopy)
Minimum Price:
63,000,000 Rials
Laparoscopic hysterectomy
Minimum Price:
112,000,000 Rials
Colporrhaphy with hysterectomy
Minimum Price:
95,000,000 Rials
Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Minimum Price:
60,000,000 Rials
Unilateral Breast Lumps
Minimum Price:
55,000,000 Rials
Doctors of IPD
Alireza Abed
General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Laparoscopy
Mohammad hasan Amuzegar
Plastic surgeon and beauty
Faramarz Babazadeh
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialists
Mohammad naser Forghani
General Surgery Specialist
Hasan Honarvar
Surgeon and Ear, Nose
Amir abbas Lotfalizadeh
Surgeon and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and Plastic face
Mahdi Mesgarani
Cosmetic and abdominal cavity
Fahimeh Nazemian
A specialist in breast surgery and beautification
Hasan Raavi
Vascular surgery specialists
Ali Yeganeh
General surgeon, digestive system, laparoscopy, beauty
Contact with IPD
Motahareh Talezadeh
IPD Manager
Mehran Payafar
English Section
Narges Albobeiry
Arabic Section
Photo Gallery
Send Message to IPD
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